Flatbed Towing VS Towing With Dolly

Long Beach Drivers, Need to Have Your Car Towed but You’re Worried about It?
Well, worry not! Here are two elegant and effective towing methods that will more likely than not leave your vehicle unscathed.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing refers to the cases when one towing truck carries on its carriage surface another vehicle which makes no contact whatsoever with the ground. This means that your vehicle won’t even touch the ground, let alone get damaged by pit holes or lesser road conditions. This method will also prove extremely convenient if you have especially low vehicles that can’t be towed by regular tow trucks. Flatbed towing should be practiced by trained professionals with the proper equipment.

Dolly Towing

A tow dolly is a towing device which lifts the front end and front wheels of the towed vehicle off the ground. This is an extremely easy to use method which can also be used by amateurs. It’s also very useful as almost any modern vehicle can be towed with it and furthermore, the towing can even be done by motorcycles. If you have a friend in need you can give them a hand with a tow dolly all by yourselves.