How to Change a Flat Tire In 6 Simple Steps

First make sure there’s no chance of being hit by passing traffic and that the car is parked on level ground.

Lay out all that you’ll need – a jack, a wrench that fits the bolts holding the wheel in place and a spare tire.

Loosen the bolts before lifting the car and ┬áthen place the jack properly (in most cars there’s a designated spot.

Lift the car until the wheel you’re going to change is well off the ground, remember that the flat tire’s diameter is smaller than the spare tire’s one and so you’ll need to lift the car high enough to allow fitting the spare tire in place and not just high enough to allow removing the flat.
Undo all the bolts and remove the flat tire. Place the spare tire in place and tighten the bolts. Tighten the bolts all the way but do not attempt to step on the wrench as you may cause the car to fall off the jack.

Lower the car and remove the jack. Give all bolts a final tightening by stepping on the wrench. Put the jack, the wrench and the flat tire in the trunk and . . . you’re done!