Locked Out? Let’s Get You Back In!

Imagine the frustration and potential fear of locking yourself out of your car because you lost your keys. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it more than likely will at some point in your life. You need to be prepared on what to do in the event this unfortunate setback happens.

There are many ways to gain access to your vehicle if you get locked out. You can actually use a shoestring by making a loop in the middle then working the string in the door hooking the locking mechanism with the loop of the shoestring and pulling upwards. It sounds complicated and it might consume a lot of time and end up only with frustration. This will also only work on locks that pull up.

Then there’s the old wire coat hanger method. Again, this can take a very long time and lead to hours of frustration. Besides, who normally carries a wire coat hanger with them? Using a wire coat hanger can also damage the lock as well as the weather stripping in the window.

There are more and more methods that people have come up with in order to access their locked vehicles. Some of them include using a screwdriver and a rod to pry the door open, using an inflatable wedge to force the door open, using a strip of plastic to slide through the crack of the door, and even using a tennis ball to create pressure through the keyhole forcing the lock upward.

Some of these methods seems absurd, take a long time, are designed to work with older locks, and most of them can cause damage to the exterior and/or interior of your vehicle. Have you also considered the fact that you may be in a dangerous location or experiencing inclement weather and need to get into your car as soon as possible?

Forget all these silly methods of getting into your locked vehicle. Instead, take the easy way out and call Five Star Towing in Long Beach. We are inexpensive and we can reach you in 30 minutes. We’ll get you back in – guaranteed!