The Risks Involved in Towing Vehicles

There are two different methods of towing vehicles, both which carry a risk of vehicle damage and/or personal injury. There is towing using a dolly and flatbed towing. The dolly is like a little trailer that you can attach to a large vehicle or truck. Using a tow with a dolly makes it feasible to move cars which are still in a condition to be driven. The flatbed tow truck is a truck is used to carry disabled cars. The back of the tow truck has a bed that is hydraulically inclined allowing the car to be placed on it. Regardless of your method of choice for towing, bear in mind the risks that may be involved.

Whenever a disabled vehicle is loaded or unloaded onto a flatbed tow truck or a truck with a dolly heavy forces are applied. For this reason alone there can be considerable consequences involved. Performing a tow without the proper equipment or without using the proper procedure can result in personal injury and/or damage to the vehicle.

Think of all the heavy equipment and machinery that is used when a tow is employed. Think of how heavy the vehicles are that are being transported. Think of the massive strain that is exerted on the straps, cables, chains, and winches used in the loading and unloading of the vehicle. The people controlling the equipment and anyone else in the area could be struck by a break or tear in this equipment. It seems like a recipe for disaster.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Towing Situation

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