Heavy Duty Towing Capacity of Tow Trucks

Long Beach Five Star Towing services are quite vast in all aspects but the best part about them is the towing capacity of their trucks. The Long Beach towing trucks are equipped with the most advanced technologies to provide the end users an unmatched service level. When the heavy duty towing trucks are combined with highly skilled technicians the results are outstanding.

It is believed that towing is not an easy job and it’s not a job of just a single person or machine. To provide world class towing services the heavy duty California Towing Trucks are operated by highly skilled and expert technicians. They are dedicated to offer a 24×7 service using many years of experience of the technicians and providing the customers with a peace of mind, no matter on which road they are stuck.

Covering all Types of Emergency Services

We, at Five Star Towing Long Beach cover all types of emergency services including Emergency Towing, Towing Services, Car Lockout and any sort of Roadside Assistance. All we need is just 30 minutes arrival time, and a single call. As soon as our devoted dispatchers get the call, the skilled technicians are ready for your service on the required destination.

According to the towing capacity the towing trucks have been classified as follow:

  • Light Duty Towing Truck
  • Medium Duty Towing Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Towing trucks

The light duty towing trucks are equipped with 10,000 lbs weight towing capacity; they are also equipped with ratcheting tie and binders which delivers your car safely to the required destination.

The Medium duty trucks are able to tow maximum weight of 30,000 lbs. they are meant for towing some heavy vehicles like a tractor, semi trailers or any construction trailer. Dolly wheels are often required by the Medium duty towing trucks for handling the vehicle carefully.

For requirement above 30,000 lbs above our heavy duty towing trucks are always ready to serve you better and better.

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