What To Look For In A Towing Company

Most of us never expect to need a tow. It’s simply something we don’t see happening. But even the most careful of drivers can find themselves in dire straits and in need of a tow. Knowing where to find a good tow truck company is vital then.

To help you find a decent tow truck company, here are five things we at Five Star Towing in Long Beach think you should be looking out for.


First and foremost, you need to determine whether a tow company serves your area. Plenty of companies say they cover ‘expansive’ regions on their website only to state you’re outside of their service area when you call them.


The best tow companies are those with extended skillsets and the equipment to tackle any circumstances. When looking for a tow truck provider, find out if they have the right vehicles (flatbed trucks, tow dolly, etc.) and if there operatives have the skills to tackle your problem.


While it might seem like a straightforward enough process, towing can actually be tricky business. It’s useful then if the tow company you hire has experience in towing, especially if you yourself are in a tricky situation. Of course, everybody deserves to gain some experience, so if you’re planning on utilizing an inexperienced company, be sure they at least have the necessary training.

Response time

There’s nothing worse than standing by the side of the road waiting for assistance. Look for a tow company with a fast response time. Local companies can generally offer a quicker response time than national depots.


There are some tow companies that boast cheap prices but then leave you waiting around. There are others that add a hefty price tag to emergency callouts. Then there are those that hit you with hidden charges after the event. Be sure to find a company that has a transparent pricing policy and doesn’t charge through the nose. Also, be aware that an expensive service doesn’t mean a better service.

If you’re based in or around Long Beach, California, Five Star Towing offers a professional and dependable tow truck service with a quick response time. Contact us to find out more!